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Have a better day at work!

Digmarit is the trade union for people working in marketing, creative industries and ICT fields.

As a member, you can participate in the representation of interests in your field.  Digmarit is a member of the Union of Private Sector Professionals Erto, and Digmarit’s members are automatically also members of Erto and the Erityisalojen Toimihenkilöiden Työttömyyskassa unemployment fund. Our members are entitled to unemployment benefits and free legal aid in matters related to employment, for example. You also get advice and tips for a better day at work by participating in our training events and mentoring.

Our membership fee also covers the membership of the unemployment fund, thus ensuring that you get full unemployment benefits. We ensure you have a better day at work.

Recommendations for remuneration

The recommendations for remuneration are based on a salary survey that Erto conducts each year among the professionals in the sector. The recommendations set out the minimum level of pay for each job title. 

Unemployment benefits

'The Digmarit membership fee also covers the membership of the Erityisalojen Toimihenkilöiden Työttömyyskassa unemployment fund. As a member, you are entitled to an earnings-related allowance paid by the unemployment fund in the case of unemployment or furlough. You may also be entitled to remuneration for temporary leave for job rotation.

If you are a full-time entrepreneur, we recommend our membership for entrepreneurs and the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs (SYT).

Employment consultation and legal aid

In conflicts related to your employment, Erto’s experienced lawyers and experts are there to assist you. We can also apply for legal aid for you, if the conflict cannot be resolved with the help of our own lawyers and experts. Erto offers a considerably higher level of legal aid and assistance than most trade unions. If you are a Täysturva-member, Erto covers any court fees that may arise from your lawsuit in full. If the case is lost, Erto also covers any fees that arise from the case, and those that the court may rule to be compensated to the other party. If you are a Starttiturva-member, which is a membership for 18-29 year olds only, Erto covers court fees until 20 000 €.  

We are currently building an English-language site, a transaction service and a registration form. Before that, you can use the Finnish versions. Thank you for your patience!